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Advantages of hot rolling line in steel mills

The main features of Hot Rolling Line are: The whole rolling production line is built on a platform with a height of 6m, and heat treatment line is also 3.2m higher than the ground. The practice of raising production line provides convenien...

Stainless steel processing - cutting and stamping

Since stainless steel is stronger than ordinary materials, higher pressure is required for stamping and shearing, and when the gap between the knife and the knife is accurate, shearing and work hardening do not occur. It is best to use plas...

7 ways to control steel fabrication - heat treatment

The heat treatment process is an important means to obtain excellent properties of various metal materials. In many practical applications, the rational selection of materials and various forming processes can not meet the mechanical, physi...

Stainless steel pipe value-added fabrication services

Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing Stainless steel pipe polishing is an important process for manufactures and architectural applications. Polishing stainless steel pipes creates a uniform and consistent surface finishvital for tank manufacture...

Stainless steel pipe grade and chemical composition

Grade Mark Chemical Compositions(%) C Cr Ni Mn P S Mo Si Cu N Others 201 1Cr17Mn 6Ni5N 0.15 16.00- 18.00 3.50- 5.50 5.50- 7.50 0.060 0.03 - 1.00 - 0.25 - 201L 03Cr17Mn 6Ni5N 0.03 16.00- 18.00 3.50- 5.50 5.50- 7.50 0.060 0.03 1.00 0.25 2...

Welded stainless steel pipe dimension chart

Standard GB12771-91 HG20537.2-92 HG20537.3-92 HG20537.4-92 ASTM A312 / A312M ASTM A249 / A249M ASTM A688 / A688M JIS G 3468 Stainless Steel Grade 0Cr19Ni9 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr18Ni9 00Cr19Ni11 00Cr19Ni10 00Cr19Ni10 00Cr19Ni10 TP304 TP304L T...

Common knowlege of stainless steel you should know

Stainless steel is a type of steel. Steel refers to steel containing less than 2% carbon (C) and iron is more than 2%.The addition of chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), manganese (Mn), silicon (Si), titanium (Ti), molybdenum (Mo) and other alloyin...

Reasons of hot-dip galvanizing steel sheet crack

Strain aging embrittlementof cracking cases Hot problems often occur in a variety of problems, such as cracking of welds, cracking of materials, etc. Users usually dont know whats going on. In fact, the heat process can also cause cracking,...

How to choose stainless steel sheet 304 or 304l

Stainless Steel Standard 304/304L 304 and 304L are 2 most widely used stainless steels in daily life. From small kitchens and kitchens to high-speed rail nuclear power, you can see the characters involved. So what is 304? 304 is actually a...

How to produce stanless checkered plate

What is Stainless Checkered Plate Stainless steel checkered plate refers to stainless steel plate with convex or concave pattern on the surface. Its main application is to use it in decorative elevator car, all kinds of cabin, architectural...

Tube billets for precision and cold drawn seamless steel pipe

Finished or Hot Rolled, Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Pipe Use Pipe Billet: Structural seamless steel pipe Billet.Including low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel billet, steel grades are ASTM A53, ASTM A36, ASTM A106,...

Seamless steel pipe - continuous casting round billet

Various Seamless Steel Pipe Production Methods: According to different production methods, seamless steel pipe can be divided into hot rolled pipe, cold rolled pipe, cold drawn pipe and extruded pipe. Hot-rolled seamless pipes are generally...

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