Stainless steel processing - cutting and stamping

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Since stainless steel is stronger than ordinary materials, higher pressure is required for stamping and shearing, and when the gap between the knife and the knife is accurate, shearing and work hardening do not occur. It is best to use plasma or laser cutting, when gas cutting has to be used. Or when the arc is cut, the heat affected zone is ground and heat treatment is necessary.

Bending processing

Stainless Steel Plate Bending

The stainless steel plate can be bent to 180, but in order to reduce the crack of the curved surface and the radius is preferably 2 times the thickness, the thick plate gives 2 times the thickness of the plate along the rolling direction, and 4 times the thickness when bending in the vertical direction of the rolling. The radius is necessary, especially during welding, to prevent surface cracking of the weld zone in order to prevent machining cracking.


Drawing When the deep processing is prone to frictional heat, use a stainless steel with high pressure resistance and heat resistance. After the molding process is completed, the oil adhering to the surface should be removed.

Stainless Steel Plate Welding

Before welding, thoroughly remove the rust, oil, water, paint, etc. Which are harmful to welding, and select the electrode suitable for the steel type. The spot welding time interval is shorter than the carbon steel spot welding distance, and a stainless steel brush should be used when removing the welding slag. After welding, in order to prevent local corrosion or strength degradation, the stainless steel plate surface should be ground or cleaned.

Stainless Steel Plate Welding

Construction and construction attention points

In order to prevent scratches and contaminants from adhering during construction, stainless steel construction is carried out under film conditions. However, as time goes by, the residue of the paste is in accordance with the expiration date of the film. When the film is removed after construction, the surface should be washed, and special stainless steel tools should be used. When cleaning the utility tool with ordinary steel, it should be cleaned in order to prevent the iron filings from sticking. 

It shall be aware to allow the highly corrosive magnetic and stone luxury cleaning agents to come into contact with the stainless steel surface, if it contacted ,  wash immediately. After the construction is completed, apply neutral detergent and water to wash the cement, ash, etc. attached to the surface.

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