How to produce stanless checkered plate

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What is Stainless Checkered Plate

Stainless Checkered Plate

Stainless steel checkered plate refers to stainless steel plate with convex or concave pattern on the surface. Its main application is to use it in decorative elevator car, all kinds of cabin, architectural decoration and metal curtain wall industry, and also widely used in food machinery and pharmaceutical machinery. And innovative product design and technology areas such as transmission tracks. The biggest characteristic of the stainless steel checkered plate is the visual beauty. The periodic texture of the finished surface also improves the pressure resistance and scratch resistance of steel plate, and is also convenient for cleaning without leaving fingerprints.

Production Process of Stainless Checkered Plate

The production process of rolled stainless steel checkered plate products is special. The first problem to be solved is the roll. The periodic pattern on the surface of checkered plate is all rolled onto the stainless steel surface by the rolling force. If roll material is too soft, the surface pattern of the roll is worn, which affects the consistency of roll pattern; if the roll material is too hard, it will increase the processing difficulty of roll pattern. Finally, the common work rolls of the rolling mill were selected as test rolls, and it worked fine.

Weight of Checkered Steel Plate

Thickness Allowable Dimension Variation Approx Weight
Diamond Lentil Round
2.5 ±0.3 21.6 21.3 21.1
3.0 ±0.3 25.6 24.4 24.3
3.5 ±0.3 29.5 28.4 28.3
4.0 ±0.4 33.4 32.4 32.3
4.5 ±0.4 37.3 36.4 36.2
5.0 +0.4 -0.5 42.3 40.5 40.2
5.5 +0.4 -0.5 46.2 44.3 44.1
6 +0.5 -0.6 50.1 48.4 48.1
7 +0.6 -0.7 59 52.6 52.4
8 +0.6 -0.8 66.8 56.4 56.2
  • The width of the steel plate is 600 ~ 1800mm, and it is advanced by 50mm; the length is 2000 ~ 12000mm, and it is upgraded by 100mm.
  • The pattern height is not less than 0.2 times the thickness of the substrate. The dimensions in the figure are not used as a basis for inspection of finished products.
  • Steel grades for steel plates are specified in GB/T700, GB/T712 and GB/T4171.
  • The mechanical properties of the steel plate are not guaranteed. When the buyer has a request, it may be agreed by both parties in accordance with the relevant standards.
  • The steel plate is delivered in hot rolled condition.

Secondly, it is necessary to solve the rolling process problem. When determining the reduction of the finished product pass, the working area is repeatedly discussed and scrutinized, and finally the rolling reduction of the finished product is determined, which is achieved because the rolling force is too small. The roller slips without causing the roller roll surface to be damaged due to large rolling force.

Product quality is the key to win the market and is the key to improving competitiveness of ANGON. The successful trial rolling of stainless steel tread plates will make a positive contribution to enhancing the competitiveness of stainless steel product.

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