Cold rolled steel coil product types and grades

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Coild Rolled Coil Production From AGICO

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Supplied by AGICO

    Cold Rolled steel coil supplied by AGICO is available in four different product groups ensuring there is a product to meet all your specific manufacturing requirements:
  • Cold-rolled low carbon steel
  • Cold harden coil
  • Cold-rolled low carbon steel
  • Phosphorus high strength steel

AGICO Steels’s cold rolled coil products are also available with different finish according to your surface requirements, options are painting, lacquering, electroplating or otherwise.

Cold Coil Blue Painting
Steel Coil Coiling Process

Cold Rolled Prepainted Steel Coil Specifications

Steel type Steel grade Application
Cold harden coil FH-SPCC、FH-SPCD、FH-SPCE、SPCC-1B、SPCC-1D -
Cold-rolled low carbon steel DC01 common
DC03 Drawing
DC04 Deep drawing
DC05 Deep drawing
DC06 Ultra deep drawing
Phosphorus high strength steel P175 Drawing
P205 common
P250 Structure
Baked harden steel CR140BH Deep drawing
CR180BH Deep drawing or drawing
CR220BH Drawing or common
CR260BH Common or structure
CR300BH structure
Flux-cored wire steel SGHS1、SGHS2、SGHS3 Flux-core
Carbon structural steel 08Al Drawing or common
10、20、30、40、50 Structure

Cold Prepainted Coil Types:

    Cold prepainted coil and sheet products can also be classified into 3 types according to application fields:
  • General purpose SPCC, SPCCT for Refrigerators, cabinets, power distributing boards and drum; SPCD for Automobile floor and roof panels; SPCE, SPCF for Automobile fenders and quarter panels, SPCG for Automobile interior panels and deep drawn parts.
  • Special-Purpose better workability:NSCC for Automobile doors, hoods, shallow drawn parts, NSC270D NSC270E for Automobile side panels, floors, drawn parts, Automobile quarter panels, NSC270F for Automobile quarter panels, NSC270G for Automobile oil pans, high roofs, extra deep drawn parts
  • High strength steel: NSC390N, 440N, 490N, 540N, 590N for Reinforcement, members, pillars and bumper, NSC340BH for Hood outer, door outer and trunk lid outer, etc.
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